S.C. Funerare Luigi S.R.L is a funeral services company situated in Oradea, Louis Pasteur street, nr. 121 (Ex. Spitalului)
S.C. Funerare Luigi S.R.L. is a company with experience in the funeral domain, with complete funeral services in Oradea, Bihor. S.C. Funerare Luigi S.R.L is available for you in the most difficult moments of your life with quality funeral services to help you to move easily over the difficult moments of life.
S.C. Funerare Luigi S.R.L offers to you the following products and services NON STOP:

  • Coffins at lower prices or luxury coffins


  • National and International mortuary Transport(Repatriation)

  • Embalming, dressing and grooming of the deceased

  • Mortuary Fridge

  • Complete men’s and woman’s suits, shoes and hats

  • Mortuary refrigeration cover for rent

  • We offer team for digging pit

  • Acessories and all supplies you need for the funeral service

  • Catering services

  • We make the papers for the death help

  • You have the option to pay after getting the death help

We invite you to visit us in the following locations:

  • Oradea street: Dr. Louis Pasteur nr. 121 (Ex. Spitalului)

  • Tarian nr. 354.

We offers NON STOP free advice at the following numbers:

  • 0753 661 704

  • 0724 809 208

  • 0359 192 661

Facebook: Servicii Funerare Non-Stop Luigi

Web: www.funerareluigi.ro

Apeleaza acum! 0753 661 704