• Luigi Funeral Services deals with the whole process of incineration (burning ) of the death body.
  • The incineration of the deceased body is made only at the request of family, who organise the funeral, or the deceased want to be burn, and exprime this desire in his life.
  • Cost of the incineration is lower comparative with the clasic funeral.
  • The place where the incineration will be is the Crematorium from Oradea
  • The ash from the incineration will be collect in a urn.
Luigi Funeral Services offers to you a complete package, if you wish to incinerate the death body. This include: coffin, mortuary bag and transport from home or hospital to crematorium. For more information call us at the following numbers or visit at the adress:

0753 661 704
0724 809 208
0359 192 661

Louis Pasteur

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